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Horte and Tardoire

Within the confines of Dordogne, the Horte and Tardoire is the most densely wooded area of the region.

The great forests are a hunter's paradise. These mysterious forests hold innumerable caves, caverns and ditches which attract potholers.

The streams flow into chalk sinkholes and chasms, only to reappear in a way which fascinates the expert and the curious.

An important prehistoric site, where caves were inhabited for a long time.

The many sites of interest have something to offer for everyone : La Rochefoucauld and its castle, Villebois Lavalette and its fortified walls, Montbron and its castles, Feuillade, Gardes Le Pontaroux or La Rochette and their norman churches, the valleys of Bandiat and the Tardoire dotted with mills and smithys.

To see : - Agris (pits in the forest of La Braconne) - Charmant (12th c church). Charras (fortified church). Chavenat (10th and 12th c. church) - Chazelles (Queroy caves). Edon (11th, 12th and 14th c church) - Garat (norman church and viewpoint over the site of Château de la Tranchade) - Gardes le Pontaroux (12th and 15th c. church) - Grassac (Russian byzantine church of Korssoun) - La Rochefoucauld (castle, bridge, market town, cloisters, St Cybard's church, St Florent Garden) - Marthon (12th century keep, Breuil tower) - Montbron (numerous castles, Montgaudier caves, watermills on the Tardoire) - Villebois Lavalette (17th c castle with 13th c. walls, pretty market town with 17th c. covered market)