Article 1 This contract is exclusively reserved for the use of Gites de France® accommodation rental approved by the competent territorial relay, on behalf of the "Federation Nationale des Gites de France and Tourisme Vert". In no case can the "Federation Nationale des Gites de France" be held liable if these contracts are used for anything other than tourism..

Article 2 - Length of stay The client signing this contract concluded for a specific duration, cannot in any circumstances prevail upon any rights and remain on the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 3 - Contract Completion
The booking becomes firm when the owner receives a deposit of 25 percent of the rental price and a copy of the contract signed and returned within the date indicated on the reverse side. A second copy is kept by the client.
The contract completed between the two parties can in no case be used to benefit even partially any third parties, physically or morally except with the written agreement of the owner.
Any infraction to this last paragraph will result in the immediate ending of the contract, the owner retaining the total fee.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the client All cancellations must be made by registered letter to the owner.
a) Cancellation before arrival : the payment rests with the owner. The owner can demand the remaining sum to be paid if the contract is cancelled less than 30 days before the arrival date. If the client fails to arrive within 24 hours of the specified date indicated on the contract, the contract is null and void, and the owner can dispose of the gite as he or she wishes. Deposits will be kept by the owner who will request all outstanding sums due.
b) If the holiday is cut short :  the rental price is retained by the owner.  No reimbursements will be made.

Article 5 - Cancellation by the owner
The owner will refund all monies paid along with an indemnity which is at least equal to the penalty the client would have paid if the cancellation was of their doing on this date.

Article 6 - Arrival
The client must arrive on the specified date within the hours stipulated on the contract. In case of late or delayed arrival the client must inform the owner.

Article 7 - Payment of balance
The balance must be paid upon arrival on the premises.

Article 8 - Inventory
An inventory is taken and signed by both the vendor or their representative and the client upon arrival at the gite. This inventory constitutes the sole reference in case of litigation concerning the state of the property.
The cleanliness of the property must be included in the inventory. The client is responsible for cleaning the property during the stay and before departure. Any eventual cleaning costs are calculated from the figures mentioned in the property description..

Article 9 - Deposit : damage garantee
When the client arrives a deposit, the sum of which is indicated on the back of the contract, is asked for by the owner. At the end of the stay and after inventory has been taken, the deposit is returned, minus any repair costs needed.
In case of early departures (outside hours mentioned in the contract), inventory will be taken by the owner and the remaining deposit will be returned to the client within one week.

Article 10 - Use of premises
The client will ensure the peaceful character of the gite in compliance with the designated use of the premises.

Article 11 - Capacity
The contact establishes a maximum number of people. If the number of people exceeds the contact's stated numbers, the owner can refuse the extra clients. Any change or breach of contract will be the client's responsability.

Article 12 - Animals
The contract states whether the client can or cannot bring their pets. In case of this clause not being respected by the client, the owner can refuse to accept the animal. In this case, all changes or breach of contract will be considered as made by the client.

Article 13 - Insurance
The client is responsible for all damage of his/her doing. It is advisable to take out holiday insurance which covers these risks.

Article 14 - Payment of charges
At the end of the stay, the client must pay the owner the charges not included in the price, i.e. electricity, etc...
The amount is established on a calculation basis mentioned in the contract and the property description, the owner gives the client an invoice.

Article 15 - Complaints
Any complaint regarding the inventory and the property description must be submitted to the County Area des Gītes de France®, within 3 days from entering the premices. All other claims must be addressed to the same body, by letter, as soon as possible.
In case of disagreement, the parties may apply to the complaints deparment of the National Federation of Gītes de France® who will endeavour to achieve an acceptable settlement.