On the Rivers

A paradise for angling

The banks of the river Charente are a paradise for anglers. They settle in the shade on the shores of the lakes (Lacs de Haute Charente) to practice their favorite sport, or on the numerous rivers and lakes.

Angling in Charente : www.unpf.fr/16/

Finding an accommodation for your angling holidays

The "gabares", ancient traditional boats

In Saint-Simon and Cognac, you can go onboard a traditional boat for an original cruise along the river Charente. You will travel along the quays of Juac and discover Saint-Simon's village with "La Renaissance", or sail between Cognac and Saint-Brice with "La Dame Jeanne".

If you visit Saint-Simon's village, you will learn everything about "gabares" : a few centuries ago, the whole village made a living from them. You will discover the old graffitis left on the quays, visit the  "maison des gabariers" (museum), the cemetery and the church.

A cruise on the river Charente

In Jarnac, you will embark the "Chabot" for a cruise on the "salt and cognac route".

Jarnac au fil de l'eau

A nice walk on the ancient towpaths along the river Charente to discover the flora and fauna, and also watermills and locks. In Jarnac tourist office, you can ask for a guide or for the leaflet will all informations.


You will find many safe swimming places on the river Charente : in Réjallant (near Ruffec), in Châteauneuf, Marsac and Jarnac. All these places have also canoeing clubs.
Near Angoulême, the "Grande Prairie" offers swimming, children's games, canoeing, and angling.
In Confolens, go canoeing on the river Vienne and try the "radelage", derived from rafting.
Down South, you will find a swimming area and canoeing club on the river Dronne, at the foot of Aubeterre.
In Charente Limousine, the Haute Charente Lakes also offer many watersports possibilities : rowing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, and swimming.