In the Vineyard

Learn everything about cognac

To learn everything about cognac, visit the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) website.
You must also visit the Cognac museum (Musée des Arts du Cognac). This museum shows all the mysteries of the making of cognac and leads you through its history.

Pineau des Charentes

The legend says that the invention of pineau was purely accidental : one day, a wine-maker accidentally poured grape must into a barrel containing Cognac brandy, then forgot about it... A few years later, he was tasting the first pineau...
In August, producers open their doors to visitors who want to discover the secrets of Pineau des Charentes.

Les Etapes du Cognac

Les Etapes du Cognac offer four circuits in the Cognac vineyards. When driving in West Charente, follow the signs and discover the traditions, gastronomy and heritage. Each circuit has its colour : green for the vineyard, indigo for the river, yellow for heritage and red for the traditions.

circuit du chene.jpg
The "Circuit du Chêne"

Jean-Yves and François Moine offer an original tour on the local crafts in the cognac vineyard, from barrel making to cognac distillation.

They will take you first to see how oak wood is split in the ancestral way, then guide you for a visit of a barrel craftshop before opening the door of the distillery for you : there, you will learn everything about the alambic and the distillation process for cognac. The visit ends with a tasting session.

Les Bonnes Chauffes : distillation time

In Charente, the distillation (or "Chauffes") is done from November to March.

During two week-ends (in December), the distilleries are open to the visit : an ideal opportunity to learn everything about cognac !