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Situated beween Angoulême and Poitiers, the Ruffec countryside invites you to stroll through its beauties.
Far from a beaten track, explore the river and its tributaries (the Peruse, the Son Sonnette, the Argentor and the Osme), fantastic fishing, canoeing, swimming and branch climbing parks are all to be found here.

Everywhere history has left its mark : visit the megaliths of Boixe, the roman site at Embourie or the Knights cemetery at Ligné.
Be amazed by the norman churches of Lichères, Courcôme or Ruffec, the Abbey of St Amant de Boixe, the castle of Verteuil or Bayers, the keep of Montignac...
And how can you resist the charms of the listed villages of Tusson and Nanteuil en Vallée ?

The Ruffec country offers you numerous activities and trails to follow, where man and nature have made the best of marriages.

To see : - Barbezières (15th c. castle) - Bayers (12th and 15th c castle) - Cellettes (domaine d'Echoisy) - Courcôme (11th and 12th century church) - Embourie (roman site) - Fontenille (standing stones) - Ligné (medieval cemetary and hosanna cross) - Montignac (ruins of Guillaume Taillefer's castle) - Paizay Naudouin (15th and 16th century castle of Saveille) - Saint Amant de Boixe (11th and 12th century abbey, the largest in the Charente after Angoulême cathedral) - Tusson (listed village for the quality of the architecture, Traditional Arts and Crafts Museum) - Verteuil (medieval market town dominated by its castle) - Vervant (necropolis dating back to the 4th century B.C.) - Villefagnan (traditional art and crafts museum, the White Stone Mill)